Unlock the Green Revolution

Effortlessly Cultivate Nutrient-Rich Microgreens with BioStrate

Clean, Plant-Based, Food-Safe Growing

Optimize Your Hydroponic Production with BioStrate®

BioStrate® is a lightweight, food-safe, biobased felt made from a blend of 100% plant-based fibers, designed for hydroponic growing.

Available in sheets and rolls of different weights, BioStrate® is ideal for growing microgreens, salad greens, and wheatgrass (160 Micro).

Grower Benefits

  • Enhances propagation with efficient water management
  • Yields consistent harvests
  • Ready to plant right away
  • Maintains its integrity, keeps roots stable, and won’t clog filters
  • Light and easy to use
  • Available in custom widths

Food Safety

  • All white-line manufacturing
  • Tested during and after production
  • Maintains a 12-month shelf life when stored properly and inspected monthly
  • Works best in conjunction with your own food safety program

How to Use BioStrate®


Mist BioStrate® until it’s moist, but not saturated – let any excess water drain.

BioStrate® is water efficient and performs best when not overwatered, but the amount of water your plants need will vary depending on the system used. If water does pool on the felt, reduce your water flow.


Mist the seeds, cover the tray with a humidity dome, and place it in a warm, dark place until the seeds germinate.


Place BioStrate® in a grow tray and sprinkle seeds as desired.


Uncover the tray after seed germination, place it under a light source, and keep it moist until your plants are ready to harvest.

Available Sizes and Versions

160 Micro Thickness: .08” (.2 cm)

185 gsm+ Thickness: .14” (.35 cm)

250’ length comes in widths ranging from 3.75”-15”

1,000’ length comes in 48” widths

9.5″x19.5″ will fit all 10″x20″ trays

Many other sizes and configurations are available

Packs of 20 9.5″x19.5″ available through our distribution partners

Custom rolls and sheets available

Find BioStrate® through any of our retail partners.

Or contact us directly for wholesale options.