Food Safe Growing with BioStrate®

BioStrate’s 100% blend of plant-based fibers is food-safety tested both during and after our white-line production process.

That means you can grow and enjoy the freshest microgreens, salad greens, wheatgrass, and more in your greenhouse, home, restaurant, or commercial kitchen.

White-Line Production

In the simplest terms, our white-line production process means no other color fibers or materials are used at the production facility in order to avoid contamination.

Along with BioStrate, our production facility only produces baby wipes, cosmetic grade items, and other products that may come into contact with human skin.

By adhering to strict production protocols, we take the extra care required to ensure that BioStrate is a food-safe material by:

Documenting processes

Our production standards include documented training, policies, control procedures, product traceability, and quality management system. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request.

Preventing cross-contamination

Our raw materials are checked on delivery, properly stored and protected from the risk of contamination, and then completely used up during production, even if an overrun is required.

Monitoring production

Along with testing raw materials prior to production, metal detection occurs both during and after production. Finally, the post-production fabric is tested for pathogens.

Ensuring quality

Any product that does not meet our specifications for quality is moved to a designated area for further review. If these products are not able to be reworked, they are removed entirely and are not made available for use.

While many other products that are natural-fiber based are not manufactured with equal standards, BioStrate is purposefully manufactured in a white-line production process in order to ensure its quality and food safety.

Food Safety

Because of its white-line production and plant-based construction, BioStrate is a food-safe growing medium, especially when used in conjunction with your own food safety program.

BioStrate and Your Food Safety Program

For restaurants or commercial kitchens interested in hydroponic growing with BioStrate, incorporate its care into your regular food preparation and hygiene guidelines with a focus on:


Regularly cleaning and sanitizing equipment, trays, and growing surfaces helps prevent contamination and the growth of pathogens.

Water Quality

Regularly cleaning and sanitizing equipment, trays, and growing surfaces helps prevent contamination and the growth of pathogens.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels promotes healthy growth and minimizes the risk of mold and bacterial growth.

Pest and Disease Management

Inspecting plants regularly, installing screens or barriers, and using organic pest control methods can help prevent disease and pests from affecting your plants.

Harvesting and Handling

Training staff on proper harvesting and handling techniques, and using clean and sanitized tools and containers, helps minimize the risk of contamination during harvest.

Record Keeping

Maintaining detailed records of hydroponic production, water quality tests, pest and disease management activities, and harvest dates can help ensure compliance with food safety regulations.

For commercial growers, our high production standards are a good match for your own food safety protocols. We’re happy to answer any questions or supplier assessments you may have – get in contact with us here.

Depending on the type of microgreen you’re growing, you may see them beginning to sprout in 24-48 hours.