How to Grow with BioStrate®

Whether you’re growing with BioStrate 160 Micro or 185 Ultra, your plants will need the right amount of attention, light, and especially water.

Growing Hydroponic Microgreens


Mist BioStrate® until it’s moist, but not saturated – let any excess water drain.


Place BioStrate in a grow tray and sprinkle seeds as desired.


Mist the seeds, cover the tray with a humidity dome, and place it in a warm, dark place until the seeds germinate.


Uncover the tray after seed germination, place it under a light source, and keep it moist until your plants are ready to harvest.

Depending on the type of microgreen you’re growing, you may see them beginning to sprout in 24-48 hours.

BioStrate is Water Efficient

BioStrate performs best when not overwatered, so make sure it remains moist to the touch – and do not let it dry out. If water begins to pool on the fabric, reduce your water flow.

Remember that the amount of water your plants need and the time it takes them to germinate will vary depending on what you’re growing and what type of growing system you’re using.

Many different varieties of microgreens and leafy greens can be grown in BioStrate. Learn more about how BioStrate can help make your growing more consistent and efficient here.